Products and services:

 Fiber reinforced concrete industrial floor 

- Improves concrete strenght at low cost

- Improves freeze-thaw resistance

- Improves impact-and abrasion-resistance

Surface hardener concrete industrial  floor

- Aesthetic appeal, wear resistant

- High chemical resistance from strong acids to alkails, fats and oils

- Easy to maintain

Jointless concrete industrial floor 

- Improve structural strenght

- Reduce crack widths and control crack widths tightly,thus improving durability.

- Unifies surfaces

 Paved concrete and basalt roads

High abrasion resistance 

Precast concrete, slabs and slabs 

Demolition and reconstruction of existing floors 

We offer demolishing and renovating existing concrete works

Loader and crane rental 

Ask our colleagues for details 

Road haulage 

Transport and rental available within 21 tons